Youth for Habitat

On August 2, 2010, in Types of NGOs, by Sushant

Youth for Habitat is an international youth network that works in partnership with the United Nations. It was established during the Copenhagen Social Development Summit of 1995. It has the participation of 300 youth organizations across the world with diverse racial, religious, cultural and country backgrounds. Youth Association for Habitat and Agenda 21 is the secretariat of Youth for Habitat International Network. The working of Youth of Habitat is takes place in various ways and campaigns. Some of the major activities done by Youth for habitat include Analysis of good practices around the world and their implementation at various national and local levels; Following the world agenda and agenda setting; Creating Information flows from international level to national level; Solidarity of the youth-civil society, creating common platforms for covering the different views in the solving of the social problems.

Work of Youth for Habitat can be categorised into the following ways.

Youth for Habitat Non-Governmental Organisational Work: Youth of Habitat is effectively working for with a diversity of local authorities in various cities and its provincial administrations, governorships, and municipalities. It acts towards the development of the sense of ownership and promoting youth to volunteer at urban level for taking action for solving their common problems. It intends towards the development of partnerships with local authorities.

Local action: It is essential to have the local dimension of the activities for better understanding the work intended and its manner of implementation. The spread of information should be smooth and local people should be able to comprehend it easily. One of the main objectives is the creation of facilities in the developing cities rather than the developed ones.

Accountability: The Association intends to look out the support in form of project basis rather than receiving money in form of cash.

Facilitator Role: The main objective of the association is not to create more branches of its own and it focuses on the empowerment of the youth in the local regions and enhancing the capacities of youth groups. It enables the young people to establish their own legal bodies for functioning.

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