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The World Young Women’s Christian Association (World YWCA) refers to a global network of women that leads to economic and social change in across 125 countries throughout the world. It intends to achieve peace, human dignity, freedom, justice, health, and care of the environment. Since 1894, it has been actively working for raising the status of women. The World YWCA works for developing women’s leadership for finding local solutions for the global inequalities faced by women. This helps over 25 million women and girls by working in 22,000 communities. This experience of grassroots development helps in shaping global advocacy agenda of the organisation. The work of World YWCA is inspired by Christian principles and it is dedicated to ensure full and equal participation of women in society. It comprises of women from different walks of life with varied faiths, backgrounds and cultures.

Some of the Campaigns of World YMCA are as follows:

World YWCA Nairobi 2007 Call to Action on HIV and AIDS – This campaign includes the Sign the pledge to Action and commitment for creating and sustaining change for women and girls who were affected by HIV and AIDS.

Week Without Violence – This campaign is dedicated to make people imagine a week without any violence, imagine police officers without guns, imagine the freedom of women and imagine a week free from any domestic violence.

World AIDS Day – World AIDS Day campaign is celebrated on December 1 and it is one of the widely recognised international health days. This campaign intends to raise awareness in communities across the world about the status of pandemic and steps required to halt its spread.

16 Days of activism – The 16 Days of Activism is an international campaign that is directed against Gender Violence.

Say NO – UNiTE – This campaign is intends to end violence against women in the world over.

STAND UP Against Poverty – The United Nations (UN) Millennium Campaign had launched Stand Up in 2006 for global advocacy effort. It is an actually an official Guinness World Record of largest number of people to STAND UP Against Poverty.

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