World Safety Organisation

On August 10, 2010, in Types of NGOs, by Sushant

World Safety Organisation is basically a nongovernmental organisation that is founded for internationalizing all safety fields such as accident prevention movement, occupational and environmental safety & health, and others. It also promotes the practices, skills, and technologies of safety and accident prevention jobs. WSO offers the facilities for collecting the technological and methodological knowledge in areas related to health, safety, environmental and accident prevention profession so that it can be shared throughout the world. All the individuals and entities related to the field of safety and accident prevention can become member of WSO. Moreover, it is irrespective of religion, race, colour, ideology, sex, social status, or political beliefs.

World Safety OrganisationWSO Certification Board refers to an independent WSO Board that is dedicated for imparting the universal level of competency and professionalism among Certified Members of WSO. The WSO certified members are basically the professional in their respective field of safety and accident prevention. They are recognized for their education, practical experience, and other learning programs received by them from academic institutions and education programs. WSO certified members are involved in various areas of governments and includes persons from different walks of life such as corporate directors, private consultants, university faculty, medical doctors, generalists, researchers, specialists and others.

The WSO assists in initiating the safety organizations and encourages the well established organizations in highly developed countries for sharing their wealth of knowledge and expertise with the organisations of the less developed nations who may require this data. The WSO is actively involved in conducting the conferences and international congresses. It looks for implementation of the resulting findings, recommendations, and resolutions. The WSO also promotes the safety and accident prevention jobs and related fields. It stresses the continuous professional development of all practitioners in these related fields. The WSO looks to coordinate activities, operations, and functions, with other international organizations.

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