World Information Transfer

On August 16, 2010, in Types of NGOs, by Sushant

World Information Transfer (WIT) is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization that is dedicated for promoting environmental health and literacy throughout the world. It is an NGO with General Consultative Status with the United Nations. WIT was founded in the year 1987 driven by, the Chornobyl nuclear tragedy and for addressing the need to offer accurate actionable information regarding the weakening global environment and its harmful effect on human health.

WIT carries out its activities by a number of ways as mentioned below.

World Ecology Report (WER) – This report has been publishing since 1989 as a quarterly digest of significant issues related to health and environment. It is written in four languages and distributed to many citizens across the developing and developed world.

World Information Transfer Health and Environment- It is a conference for presentation of scientific papers by renowned international experts on the mounting clinical evidence that establishes the relation between polluting the environment and failing human health.

Health and Development CD ROM Library- This project comprises of a library of CDs that are related to Development and Health information. It provides wholesome information to many citizens in developed and developing countries.

Humanitarian Aid – WIT along with the K.Kovshevych Foundation, offers humanitarian aid for schools, hospitals and orphanages in the regions devastated by environmental degradation. They provide medical equipment for paediatric medical facilities, clothing, toys, and prosthetic devices for gifted children and computer and telephone systems.

Internship – World Information Transfer provides internships in New York City for promoting future leaders in health and environment. Most of the interns spend the majority of their time at the United Nations.

Scholarship Program – WIT along with the K.Kovshevych Foundation, provides scholarships to university students who are talented and requires financial assistance for continuing their studies in the areas related to health and environment.

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