The World Federation was founded in 1946 after the establishment of the UN a year before. WFUNA is a global non profit organization that represents and coordinates a membership of more than 100 national United Nations Associations (UNAs) and their constituents. WFUNA works for empowering and improving the United Nations so that it becomes the powerful force in addressing common global challenges. It strives to engage people with a global mindset and support international cooperation among global citizens. WFUNA has recently launched a Global Citizen Campaign for increasing its resources and capacity to offer support to the UN. This Campaign take place from 2009-2012 with the objective of raising $5.5 million. It includes focussed programs and activities that promote democratic and cooperative problem solving; finding the links that interconnect the global issues; and engage the youth to become leaders of tomorrow.

World Federation of United Nation Associations In the context of the Global Citizen Campaign, WFUNA is related to maintain Peace and Security with major focus on the nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation; Rule of Law, and Responsibility to Protect. It works for protecting the Human Rights by focusing on Human Rights education and implementing human rights standards. It is actively engaged for Sustainable Development that focus on climate change and Millennium Development Goals.

WFUNA has more than 100 national United Nations Associations (UNAs) that links millions of people in every area of the globe to the United Nations. UNAs play a major role in disseminating information and educational materials related to the UN, Organizing Model UN conferences

Gathering the support for UN from government, political parties and interest groups, managing the media for providing accurate coverage of the UN programs and collaborating with other voluntary institutions on the projects that are focussed in implementing the work of United Nations.

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