The World Peace Prayer Society

On August 21, 2010, in Types of NGOs, by Sushant

The World Peace Prayer Society is actively involved in spreading the message of “May Peace Prevail On Earth”. It is a Universal Message and Prayer for world peace and it was written by the late Masahisa Goi of Japan in 1955. Mr. Goi awakened to spread this Message and Prayer among millions of people of the global community so that they can attain inner and outer peace. This message and prayer,” May Peace Prevail On Earth”, is supported by the members and communities across the world. It gained international recognition and reputation. The World Peace Prayer Society was founded as a non-profit, non-sectarian organization in 1988 with its world headquarters got established in New York, USA. It was also accepted as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in 1990 in affiliation with the UN Department of Public Information.

The World Peace Prayer Society The World Peace Prayer Society has witnessed more than100,000 Peace Poles so far dedicated by friends and supporters throughout the world in over 190 countries. The World Peace Prayer and Flag Ceremonies are held in every major city worldwide spanning across the continents. The peace prayer, May Peace Prevail On Earth, has been widely recognised and resonates in the hearts of millions of supporters. It is involved in spreading the message and Prayer among the people of various cultures, traditions, faith and political ideals to unite them on global scale for manifesting true peace on earth.

Peace Poles are the poles which bear the message “May Peace Prevail On Earth” in the different languages of the world and it is considered as the most prominent international symbol as well as monument to peace. As per records, there are over 200,000 Peace Poles which were dedicated in every country of Earth. The World Peace Prayer Ceremony refers to a global celebration of the human family and oneness of life. The participants of the ceremony get united to invoke prayers for peace to prevail in all the regions worldwide. Peace Pals refer to an International program that is designed for encouraging youth in the age group of 5-19 years for becoming peacemakers.

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