The Working Group on Girls (WGG)

On August 28, 2010, in Types of NGOs, by Sushant

The Working Group on Girls and its International Network for Girls (INfG) are committed for protecting and promoting the rights of girls of all areas and stages of their lives. It is dedicated for advancing the rights and status of girls. It intends to develop the complete potential of the girls as women. The activities of the WGG and the INfG ensure that national governments implement the commitments to girl rights which are constituted via international agreements by using the policy statements, program development, and resource allocation. It aims to advocate the development of girl’s rights and their inclusion in the United Nation systems and international agreements. It promotes the participation of girls as agents of change in their own communities, families, and societies.

The Working Group on Girls WGG has created a Task Force on the White House Council for preventing violence against Women and Girls at home and abroad. This Task Force appreciated the efforts of President Obama in the rights of women and girls. WGG follow the work of this Council that promotes the rights of women and girls on a global scale.

The WGG Task Force on CSW 51 is dedicated to eliminate all types of discrimination and violence against girl child. WGG is focussed to hold the promises by organising parallel events at each CSW where it gets the opportunity to interact with the girls and listen to their problems. The WGG Task Force on Advocacy assist in promoting the image of girl child visible in documents and projecting it in parallel events, and advanced meetings with UN agencies and permanent missions.

WGG studies and pursue the works and publications of commissions. It encourages the girls’ rights at high level meetings such as the Third Committee of the General Assembly and UN agencies. WGG is involved in the protection of girls from violence and on adopting effective and good practices to save girls from any type of commercial sexual exploitation.

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