The National Council on Family Relations (NCFR) was founded in 1938 and it offers an educational forum for educators, family researchers, and practitioners for sharing the development and distribution of knowledge regarding the families and their relationships. It also establishes the professional standards, and works for promoting the family well-being. It is dedicated for publishing three scholarly journals including ”Journal of Marriage and Family” and ”Family Relations and Inter disciplinary Journal of Applied Family Studies” and Journal of Family Theory & Review. It is also involved in the publications and products for supporting the work of family professionals. It also sponsors an Annual Conference of high tech research papers and practices such as research updates for the practitioner’s sessions, and its presentation of best practices.

The National Council on Family Relations The National Council on Family Relations promotes the field of Family Life Education. It also establishes and administers the “Certified Family Life Educator” (CFLE) as the internationally recognized credential. The NCFR Family Life Education Curriculum is employed by approx 100 college and university family science degree program in the US and Canada for their undergraduate and graduate students. It also promote dialogue among family professionals via internet interactions, state and regional affiliates, and through NCFR Report Newsletter and the CFLE Network Newsletter.

The NCFR is involved in the promotion of family well-being via public policy education. NCFR researchers and educators analyse and distribute the information on families in order to inform the legislators and decision-makers regarding the impact of family policy.

Some of the NCFR Sections that form the key areas of their work include Education & Enrichment,

Ethnic Minorities, Family Health, Family Policy, Family Science, Family Therapy, Feminism & Family Studies, International, Religion & Family Life and Research & Theory. It is also involved actively in the organisation of annual conferences.

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