The Internationals Immigrations Foundation

On August 17, 2010, in Types of NGOs, by Sushant

The International Immigrations Foundation (IIF) is basically founded in 1973 by Mr. Edward Juarez – Pagliocco for helping the immigrant families and children’s for fulfilling their dreams for better life in United States. It assists in promoting the positive intercultural bonding and eliminating negative perceptions. Edward got inspired by the struggles of immigrants who came to America in search of freedom and better life. The IIF assists the immigrants by offering the educational tools and resources that can lead to path of fulfilment of their dreams and those of families. It also offers protection for these immigrants by providing them knowledge and expertise seek by them.

The Internationals Immigrations Foundation The official building of the IIF is located at Manhattan and it is a home for all the immigrants and owned by the foundation. It is a dedicated place for every immigrant community for holding any events, meetings and parties that promotes the sense of solidarity and better life for the immigrants. The foundation is actively involved in offering the resources and sponsors for many education programs see by immigrant members. Some of these education programs include Radio & TV education program, English as a second language, Communication workshops, High School Equivalency, small business workshops and personal development workshops.

The IIF offers a wide array of networking opportunities for a variety of groups including Social networking, National networking, Weekly Newsletters, Business Networking, Professional Networking, Media Networking, Cross culture community networking and student groups. The foundation is also engaged in developing relationships with providers of essential Goods and services in order to procure these items at cheaper costs. Some of these goods and service providers include Pharmacy Prescriptions, Dentists, Medical Doctors, Radiology , Medical Labs and others. The foundation is also involved in organizing many special events in New York City such as Multicultural meetings, Immigration week celebration and others.

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