The Institute of Health Management, Pachod

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The institute of Health Management, Pachod was founded in 1986 as a local intermediary NGO for serving as a training centre and resource for other NGOs in the nation. There are many training programmes organised by the Institute in past 14 years. The main objectives of the training programmes are focused on the development of skills in the areas of management as well as functioning of community health programmes. IHMP provides short training courses on various topics such as Monitoring and Evaluation, Reproductive Health, Child Health and Nutrition, Programme Planning, and Management of Primary Health Care. It also aims to achieve the Community Development by means of Information, Education and Communication (IEC).

The Institute of Health Management, Pachod It has trained more than 3000 NGO and Government functionaries since 1986. It comprises of Faculty from different reputed premier institutions in areas of health and development. These faculties’ offer the theoretical content related to concepts of health and management. The experienced residential faculty offers field based training and serve the individual requirements of the trainees. IHMP picks up the trainees from many Indian States and also from other countries including Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Uganda, etc. The venue of the training is at

IHMP campus, Pachod that is a village located in south of Aurangabad in Maharashtra state of India. In addition to that, Boarding and lodging facilities are also available on the campus.

The IHMP got transitioned from rural to urban territory in course of its growth and development. It is to address the needs of city organisations along with village associations. As per the projections the population of people residing in the cities of Maharashtra is over 50 percent. Also, 50 percent of the urban population is residing in slum area of cities. To provide the health infra-structure in urban slum areas, the IHMP has started to focus its efforts in training NGO of cities.

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