The Earth Charter Initiative

On August 28, 2010, in Types of NGOs, by Sushant

The Earth Charter Initiative is basically an amazing diverse and global network of people, institutions and organizations that are actively involved in the promotion and implementation of the principle and values of the Earth Charter. The Initiative is actually a voluntary, broad-based and civil society effort. Some of the participants include leading national governments and their agencies, international institutions, non-government organizations, university associations, community-based groups, schools and businesses and millions of individuals.

The Earth Charter Initiative The Earth Charter Initiative is dedicated to raise the awareness of the Earth Charter worldwide and promote the understanding of underlying ethical vision. It also seeks the recognition and endorsement of the Earth Charter by United Nations, individuals, and organizations. It intends to promote the usage of the Earth Charter as a practical ethical guide and ensure that it is implemented by civil society, business, and government. It also makes efforts to encourage and support the educational use of the Earth Charter in local communities, universities, schools, religious communities, and many other settings. It is involved in the promotion of Earth Charter as a soft law document.

The Earth Charter is promoting the growth of a global network of Earth Charter activists and supporters by collaborating with partner organizations, advisors, affiliates, and task forces. It is involved in creating and spreading high quality communications materials for various target groups that will reach millions of people. It is also responsible for translating the key Earth Charter materials in the various popular languages of the world. The major focus areas of Earth Chart Initiative involve the development of its network and implementation of promotional activities in Business, Education, Media, Religion and Spirituality, United Nations and Global Governance and Youth.

These six areas were chosen as they offer major opportunities for the usage of the Earth Charter strategically to bring about the change for sustainable ways of living.

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