Sankara Eye Society

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The Sankara Eye Society of Coimbatore refers to Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Medical Trust that was founded in May 1977. This trust has been developed under the blessings of Sankaracharyas of Kanchi and it has been a follower of philanthropic philosophy for offering high quality health care that focus on eye care to all people for free or at an affordable cost. The major focus of the trust is in the area of quality eye care although it initiated as a general health care centre. The visual handicap is usually partially or completely curable and the trust reaches out to less privileged section of the society to make their lives comfortable with the Gift of Vision.

Sankara Eye Society The Sankara Eye Society initiated its activities as a small medical centre in Kamakshi Amman Temple in Coimbatore. Now it has grown into a big organisation that has a base hospital and nine medical centres that serve more than 1000 patients daily. It comprises of skilled workforce of 130 highly committed doctors, paramedical and support staff that are dedicated to make to provide health and happiness to all.

Some of the innovative programs organised by Sankara Eye Centre along with community participation includes the following.

Vandematharam – This program was launched in 1987 for commemorating the 40th year of independence and it was designed to provide free eye care and urological care to the freedom fighters.

Rainbow – It was an Eye Screening Program designed to detect the undetected visual defects in the school children. This program is also adopted by Maharashtra Government and service organisations in Calcutta. Recently, Sankara Eye Centre screened the children of Lagos State of Nigeria.

Irul Neeki – It referred to a comprehensive eye care program that is designed for the tribals of Coimbatore.

Kannoli –It refers to a Comprehensive eye care program designed for the urban slums in Coimbatore District.

Eye Care, Nepal – A team belonging to Sankara Eye Society went to Kathmandu for performing eye surgeries at the Nepal Eye Foundation and training the local eye surgeons.

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