Quaker United Nations Office

On August 30, 2010, in Types of NGOs, by Sushant

The Quaker United Nations Office represents the Quakers via Friends World Committee for Consultation (FWCC). It was founded in the 1945 and is located in Geneva and New York. The actions of the organisation are directed towards abolishing war and promoting the peaceful resolution of conflicts, economic justice, human rights, and good governance. FWCC links the Quakers around the world and enjoys the consultative status with the United Nations’ Economic and Social Council. FWCC is an international non-governmental organisation that was granted the general status in 2002 and thereby got the recognition of their work in a wide range of international concerns.

Quaker United Nations Office The General status permits the QUNO staff to attend numerous UN meetings, accept documents and make statements and suggest the agenda to the Economic and Social Council. Moreover, QUNO staff work with World Trade Organisation, International Monetary Fund, International Labour Organisation, World Bank, and others multilateral organisations related to their area of concern.

The United Nations Peace building Commission (PBC) was formulated for providing assistance to post-conflict countries for achieving sustainable peace. It brings together officials from diverse types of organisations including government officials, UN agencies, IMF, World Bank, regional organizations and civil society organizations who actively work for creating peace building strategies for the nations recovering from conflict.

QUNO is linked with the Geneva Forum that comprises of building agendas around latest and emerging issues in arms control and disarmament, supporting disarmament negotiations and ongoing arms control and promoting the functioning of arms control and disarmament agreements.

QUNO has been actively working since 1979 for raising public awareness related to the issue of child soldiers, its causes and effects. It seeks to develop international standards for restricting the military recruitment of children under the 18 years of age in any armed forces or government armed forces.

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