Project Agya

On August 23, 2010, in Types of NGOs, by Sushant

Project Agya is a Non-Governmental Organization established in May, 2010. It is allied with RitSan Technologies (an Indian based tech firm) and dedicated to increase awareness regarding the Indian Armed Forces and various procedures for its application to various divisions. It represents all the information, latest news and updates regarding the Armed Forces via its self-titled website. The Project Agya initiative began its operations to address the concern arising out of indifferent attitude of youth towards the military. It intends to spread the awareness about armed forces and stimulate their minds for joining the prestigious services of Armed forces of India. The basic reason for the shift in Youth mindset was the availability of lucrative career option such as IT sector that offer huge pay packages and promises luxurious lives. Thus, youth tends to join the private sector and ignore their responsibility towards the nation.

Project Agya It is beyond doubt that India possesses some of the best brains in the world. Unfortunately, most of these intellectual persons are employed to the private sector. The main objective of Project Agya is to raise awareness about the military and its career prospects. It also provides the information about the numerous perks related to the job that tempt the youth to apply. Apart from this, Project Agya is also focussed to shift the people’s focus towards the state’s administrative affairs. Project Agya intends to revive the softer side of people so that they can live life by following a code of ethics based on values rather than mean and selfish life.

Project Agya is committed to generate a sense of pride and respect in the people’s minds regarding the personnel of the Armed Forces. It showcases the dedication, sacrifices, devotion, and selfless services of the military people towards their country. Project Agya is also involved in bringing women in the armed forces. A section of the Agya website is dedicated to the careers of women in the Armed Forces and their achievements.

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