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Pathways To Peace (PTP) is a renowned international PeaceBuilding, Consulting and Educational organization. It refers to the Peace as a dynamic, evolutionary process and empathizes on living in harmony with one another, the Earth and other circles of life. This organization works locally as well as globally for accomplishing its mission. One of the ways of building Peace is doing collaboration with other similar minded organizations in various peace building initiatives. Pathways To Peace is known as an active participant in United Nations’ conferences

Some of the projects and services of Pathways To Peace are mentioned below:

Pathways To Peace Culture of Peace Initiative (CPI) and International Day of Peace (Peace Day) – It is an initiative that is intended to carry for a local or global Peacebuilding measures. It has been granted special status by United Nations and every year September 21 is celebrated as an International Day of Peace.

PB-TBL21 – This project inspires the practice of maintaining Peace as a natural expression in business in the 21st century.

PACEM – It is an abbreviated form of Pathways Consulting, Educating & Mentoring and it in involved in various services such as mentoring young people in Peace leadership, working with the United Nations and consulting on Peacebuilding practices with civil society organizations.

The International Day of Peace Vigil -The International Day of Peace Vigil is basically an idea of bringing the individuals and groups together by a common belief that the power of prayer or other sacred spiritual practice encourages peace and promotes a global ceasefire.

Peace Day Calendar Project – This calendar program comprises of two major components. The first one is to encourage the calendar publishers worldwide for including the UN International Day of Peace on their calendars. The second one is to engage different sections of society into observing this event every year.

Events with Peace Leaders – This program comprises of a series of inspirational events which brings together Peace Leaders from various sectors of society and encourage them to talk about their visions of Peace.

“The Joan Kenley Show” – This is a radio show hosted by Dr. Joan Kenley and it is designed to influence your mind, heart and soul.

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