NAN (No to Alcoholism and Drug Addiction)

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NAN (No to Alcoholism and Drug Addiction) is the Russian charitable foundation that was founded in 1987 in Moscow. NAN got registered as a non profit Russian social organization in 1991 with the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation. It became associated with the Department of Information and Public Relations of the United Nations in 1995. The primary objective of NAN Foundation’s is to make a world free of alcohol and drugs and neutralize the results of chemical dependency in the Russian society.

NAN has been active in the following three areas:

NAN Professional / Medical – NAN offers education, training and certification in human services field of chemical dependency prevention and treatment. It provides this education via the Social Science Academy in Russia. It includes the students who are pros in psychology, health care, and human services. NAN also offers “Specialist in Human Services” that is certified position to be recognized by the Health Ministry of Russia. NAN has established a treatment facility known as “The Centre of Medical and Social Support and Adaptation.” The Drug and Alcohol Council of Russia acts as an information and networking centre for professionals which was produced by NAN.

Some of the foreign organizations that have worked with NAN in medical field includes Salus International (San Fransisco, US), State Science Narcological Center (Russia), Moscow Medical Academy, Center For Citizen Initiatives (San Fransisco, US) and others.

Social care for juveniles – NAN had established the first Moscow shelter for abandoned children in 1992 in Moscow. Apart from shelter, NAN is also engaged in the creation of a network that links various shelters founded by NAN’s associates in other areas like Saransk, Ivanovo, Ekaterinburg, Mordovia, and Kursk. Some of the foreign organizations that have worked with NAN for the protection of juveniles include Equilibre” (France), “Medicins sans Frontieres” (Brussels, Belgium), Echanges et Valeurs Est-Ouest (France), Corf-Drobs organizations (Bavaria, Germany), Centrepoint (Great Britain) and European Federation of National Organizations.

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