The International Agency For Economic Development is incorporated in 1999 for improving the standards of living in Least Developed and Developing Countries by employing intelligent Charitable, economic and Social Projects. It is being observed that the majority of these Under-Developed and Developing Countries are not able to make satisfying progress in terms of actual development. Also the economic gap between the Developed Countries and developing countries is rapidly increasing and that needs to be addressed urgently. IAED does the study and analysis of the world’s economic problems by monitoring the United Nations. It comprises of both the Governments and Non-Governmental Organizations. IAED is actively involved in working with Civil Society Sectors, Governments, and Businesses for focussing on the developmental needs of the developing countries.

International Agency For Economic Development IAED is focused on fast paced social-economic development in nations by implementing charitable projects and using the charitable contributions. The Projects for development in these countries rely on various activities that are intended for supporting economic development and reducing poverty. The main objective of IAED is to facilitate the development processes and also enable societies by imparting the skills related to knowledge, management, leadership, technologies, and businesses. By following all these activities, it aims to achieve sustainable long term social and economic development. It depends on charity contributions to fund these projects and the volunteer commitment of experts and businesses also plays a major role in these projects.

The structure of IAED was designed in such a way in order to keep expenses and operating costs to a minimum level. The organization does not have any paid employees including the Director-General. It comprises of numerous “Advisors” and “Members” who are volunteers or contributing Members. The structure was designed to achieve “Cosmetic Philanthropy,” where 100% of all contributions are used directly for its intended purpose.

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