Intercultural Development Research Institute

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The Intercultural Development Research Institute is basically an international no-profit organization that is dedicated for contributing to the field of intercultural communication and supporting current and new research in the areas of intercultural development. This institute sponsors meetings with theoreticians, researchers, and practitioners in the areas of intercultural relations and related fields. It also supports research on the development of theoretical models and their practical applications in training. It also monitors and evaluates the success of these models. It is dedicated for administering the research projects funded by contributions. It also assists the governmental and non-governmental agencies, and universities for conducting research in the areas of intercultural competence.

Intercultural Development Research Institute The IDRI distributes the results obtained from the research to other professionals in the areas of intercultural relations. It posts the original papers and other materials on-line and maintains an informational website. It also aims to educate the public on various intercultural issues and the about the results of research in intercultural development. It seeks to implement the findings of research for promoting the idea of intercultural relations in national as well as international public communication. It also uses the results of intercultural research for supporting development in intercultural competence. It connects with educational institutions in regards to topics of developmental interventions, intercultural development, and intercultural learning in international and multicultural education.

Some of the events organised by IDRI include 2010 Bormio Seminar, Forum on Intercultural Learning and Exchange, 2008 Bormio Seminar and International Educational Conference “Moving beyond Mobility”.

Some of the institutes and organization that are in relation with IDRI include Fondazione Intercultura

Intercultural Communication Institute, American Field Service (AFS), European Federation for Intercultural Learning (EFIL), International Academy of intercultural research (IAIR),

International Association for Intercultural Education (IAIE), University of the Pacific, University of Georgia, and American School.

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