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Good Neighbors International was established as a formal entity in 1996. It has its headquarters for all operations throughout the world. Since it got established, it has expanded its projects in about 22 countries. It was the first international NGO from Korea which received General Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council and it is regarded as the highest status level.

The vision of this NGO is to connect people and offering them the opportunity to assist poor people.

Good Neighbors NGO It employs a holistic approach for helping people in every aspect of their requirement. A majority of the efforts is utilised in making the youth self-reliant. Good Neighbors is also an organization that provides assistance to anyone who is in need irrespective of religion, ideology, race, nationality, or geographical constraints.

Good neighbours work anywhere wherever there is need and it has a presence in about 27 different countries that allows us to provide support up to six hundred million people and 80,000 children.

Some of the programs offered by Good Neighbors are as follows:

Good Neighbors NGOChild Development: It is who dedicated to offer the developmental opportunity to preschoolers and children who have been denied proper growth due to poverty. The programs offered by Good Neighbors encourage their physical and emotional development by giving nutritious meals, fundamental education, and medical care.

Community Development: This program intends to eliminate poverty and offers vocational training, establish infrastructure and develop local agriculture.

Health & Sanitation: This program offer medical services and health-related education for reducing the mortality rate and preventing diseases such as AIDS, malaria, and parasites.

Advocacy: This program aims to strengthen marginalized groups of children and women through their education programs. The projects raise awareness and cooperation with local organizations for lifting these groups from poverty.

Some of the projects done by Good Neighbors are as follows: Haiti Earthquake Emergency Relief, Chad Well Project – Amtoukuiy, Chad Sanitation Education, Chad Sewage Project – Kamda, Guatemala GNVol Program, Women Advocacy, Chad Well Project – Ngomnba-Sara, Sri Lanka – support emergency kit and Chad Well Project- Paris-Congo.

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