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GiveIndia is a platform for donation that allows the donors to support a cause of their choice from the list of more than 200 NGOs which were scrutinised for transparency & credibility. This organisation does not generate the funds on its own but it helps other NGOs in receiving donations. It is a transparent organisation that has established its credentials and it gives the complete details about how your donated money is spent. GiveIndia provides the donors with proof of the proper use of their donation via the feedback report. At least 90% of the contribution made by donor reaches the organization chosen by him and it is far better than the average of 60% for the NGO sector.

GiveIndia After the donor has decided on the NGO he wants to support, he/she can proceed to make payment on the site. Once the money is donated by the donor, a tax receipt is being sent to donor and this money is sent to his/her selected NGO. NGO make the decisions about how to spend your money and identifies the beneficiary after detailed discussions. GiveIndia tracks every donation and make sure that the NGO provides the feedback report with complete details about how it is utilised.

GiveIndia has made more than 2,50,000 donations in past 9 years that amount to more than Rs.80 crores to over 200 NGOs across India and thereby impacts over 1 million lives. It is among the first website that launched India’s first “online philanthropy marketplace”. GiveIndia is the first organisation to introduce the concept of Marathon-based fundraising in India. It is channelling over Rs.8 crores per annum in various charitable donations. GiveIndia has initiated an online Payroll Giving programme in 2004 that included over 26,000 donors with contributions over Rs. 60 lacs per month. This payroll giving program is growing at a rapid pace Rs 26.7cr is channelled from 150,000 individual donors in 2008-09.

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