Envirolink Network

On August 12, 2010, in Types of NGOs, by Sushant

EnviroLink is basically a non-profit organization that represents a grassroots online community which is dedicated for uniting hundreds of organizations and volunteers across the world with millions of people in over one hundred and fifty nations. EnviroLink provide complete current environmental information and news. EnviroLink is committed for promoting a sustainable society by linking individuals and organizations by using the communications technologies. It focuses on using the technologies as tools for devising the solutions to our ecological challenges. Apart from it stress the efforts by communities in their relation with the Earth in positive manner to save environment.

Envirolink Network EnviroLink does not focus on any particular environmental issues as it exists solely for the purpose of acting as a clearinghouse on the web for the interests of environmental community. The views and actions taken by the EnviroLink are diverse and it is primarily operated by devoted volunteers. It is created by Josh Knauer in 1991 as The EnviroLink Network. During the time of its launch, Josh was a fresher at Carnegie Mellon University and since then it has grown multi times to reach from a mailing list of few student activists to one of the largest environmental information clearinghouses of the world. Apart from acting as an information resource, EnviroLink offers free internet services to non-profit organizations involved in the environmental and animal rights communities.

The EnviroLink Network’s EnviroWeb program provides a range of services including website and domain name hosting, interactive bulletin boards and automated mailing lists. It also offer free e-mail accounts to non-profit organizations involved in environmental and animal rights communities.

EnviroLink is supported by many individuals and organizations that are conscious about their environment. The EnviroLink Network is also encouraged by millions of people throughout the world who add their valuable contributions and ideas every day for a better environment.

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