Legacy International is a non profit and nongovernmental organization that is dedicated for promoting the peace in world by strengthening civil society and encouraging a culture of participation across the world. It is engaged in training and mentoring the community leaders, professionals, youth, governmental and non-governmental administrators. It helps individuals to develop and learn practical and community-based solutions for addressing the critical issues.

Legacy International Capacity Building – Legacy International is actively involved in the process of capacity building. It gathers key stakeholders for determining the critical needs and then prepares a plan for improvement. It trains the community leaders in areas of networking, organizational management, conflict prevention, strategic planning, evaluation techniques and leadership development. It also monitors the functioning of action plans, provides coaching, mentorship, and extra training.

Civic Education – Legacy International provides exposure to civic involvement models via site visits, meetings participants, and discussion forums in the civic education programs on the local and national level. It is also involved in the process of information gathering and education that highlights the working of one’s government and the opportunities for involvement. The major area to be focussed in Civic Education is related to the skills development where person is provided with skills for participation in various areas of government and society. Examples of the Skills imparted in such programs may include Community organizing, tools for running for public office, use of the media, letter-writing and publicity campaigns, and others.

Leadership Development – This program of Legacy International seeks and support individuals with a commitment for public service. Legacy offers practical ways for developing skills in leadership, creative and critical thinking and cross-cultural communications. It is focussed on mentoring the people via the practical applications to ensure they become effective leaders and coalition builders.

Peace building and Conflict Resolution – This program of Legacy is committed to Peace building and Conflict Resolution. Through such programs, participants achieve the skills and shift in their perspectives for breaking the vicious cycles of violence and intolerance.

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