Institute of World Affairs was founded in 1924 as not-for-profit, non-governmental organization that works across cultural and political boundaries. It intends to advance the creative approaches for conflict management, conflict analysis and post-conflict peace-building. The Institute of World Affairs (IWA) is actively engaged for the study of the sources of conflict prevailing in the international scene. It is focussed in developing approaches for the management of conflict that intends to eliminate the root causes. IWA’s make extensive efforts on the critical issues involving the participation, access, rule of law as well as security through a pre- to post-conflict continuum.

IWA approaches various methods for achieving its intended goals. Some of the methods adopted by IWA are as follows.

Distance Education Distance Education in terms of content and technology – IWA focuses on web-based courses as well as professional development programs on wide range of topics that vary from conflict analysis, mediation and inter-agency processes in the process of decision-making.

IWA focuses on Professional Development and Policy Analysis through the professional development workshops. These workshops are used for the international diplomatic and security communities for various topics like negotiation, conflict analysis, and peace building. The Institute sponsors the discussions and publishes the monographs on modern issues in world affairs.

IWA also stress on Applied Conflict Management – IWA has engaged into the partnership in the societies prone to conflict for enhancing the capacity to address and eliminate the structural causes of the violent conflict.

IWA has been actively involved in the projects at various popular sites in the world such as South-eastern Europe, Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East. The work of the Institute of World Affairs (IWA) is funded by the various grants, contracts, as well as individual donations from the various parts of the world.

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