Association for Progressive Communications is dedicated to make this world a better place through the use of internet and team of committed activists. This organisation helps the people get access to the internet where it does not exist or in cases where it is not affordable. It helps to generate grassroots initiative for usage of technology for the development of their communities. It works to ensure that government policies are related to information and communication in order to serve the needs of general population living in developing countries.

Association for Progressive Communications Association for Progressive Communications is basically a network as well as organisation. APC members are actually the groups that are dedicated to work in their countries for promoting the mission of APC. Majority of the members of APC are from developing countries. The membership of the APC clearly defines the strategic priorities of APC every five years. APC has small and committed staffs that live in different countries. They communicate with each other over the internet and discuss their work and planning. As their main activities are done over the internet, there is no central headquarters of APC. The value and uniqueness of APC is reflected from the local perspectives and its communication with grassroots organisations. In a way, APC acts as a truly virtual international organisation.

The work of APC is organised in basically three programme areas including communications and information policy, women’s networking support and strategic use of technology and capacity building. The strongest activities of APC are those that take place at the local or national level where one can realise the impact of the activities done. These activities help the APC in replicating their work on regional or international level. The strong point of APC is that they can work together as a network over the internet. It is easy to conceptualise projects and campaigns for implementing them together.

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