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On August 1, 2010, in Types of NGOs, by Sushant

Federation Experiment in a worldwide network of International Living. It is basically a non-profit membership association that is dedicated for facilitating and promoting the work of its autonomous member organizations in about 22 countries. Federation EIL members adopt unique ways of promoting intercultural learning experiences by work exchange, group travel, language training home stays, study abroad, and other cultural immersion programs.

Federation EIL Some of the specialised programs offered by Members of Federation EIL include the following.

Volunteering – It refers to a chance for participating in a varied range of community service projects across the world in areas like community development, health, conservation, education, and human rights. It provides the opportunities in 16 countries through the program “Volunteers for International Partnership.”

Individual Homestays – This program requires you to live for one to four weeks with host family as a member in any country selected by you. It is a great chance to learn about another way of life and you will be fascinated by it.

Group Travel Programs – This program allows you to select an educational group travel program or you may get your group travel program customised to include adventurous students or adults who would like to explore the world around them.

Foreign Language Training – This program includes the learning of various foreign languages including Japanese, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, or any other languages. This experiment provides a variety of cultural immersion travel programs and quality language.

Academic Study Abroad – This program includes various academic courses, home stays and language training that offer a complete educational experience in countries like Spain, Ireland, Italy, Brazil, Germany, UK, and the USA.

Hosting – This program allows you to learn about hosting an international visitor and provides an amazing opportunity to your family to know about another culture from the comfort of your home.

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