Centre of Concern

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The Centre of Concern is a faith-based organization which works in alliance with global networks for devising the visionary measures for social and economic justice in a global context. The Centre acts as provider of information and analysis. Moreover, it also performs the function of catalyst for launching projects which address issues that propels the advancement of a legitimate human development agenda. The Centre of concern also challenges the structural injustice and encourages pioneering economic alternative through analysis, advocacy, education, and capacity building.

The COC implies various effective Strategies for accomplishing their goals and advancing their mission. Some of these strategies are mentioned below.

Centre of Concern Influencing Public Policy – The COC influences the public policy so that to give opportunity to represent the issues of deprived in the policy making process. It also critiques the policy for leaders and general public.

Exercising leadership in national and international circles – It offers the leadership and decent vision to support networks that work for institutions and policies in the U.S. and international arena. It also supports grassroots justice movements.

Educating for justice and social transformation – It intends to develop social reflection and also raises voice for justice for the faith community. It also offers education on domestic and international issues.

The Centre of Concern has been empowering individuals and organizations for more than 38 years to investigate and analyze the social structures and global issues from the perspective based on Catholic Social Teaching. It also enables the individuals to become involved in projects that encourage the benefits of entire global community.

The Centre of Concern has provided moral vision and effective leadership for ending environmental decline, hunger, poverty, and injustice in the US and across the globe. It offers the required tools to individuals and organizations for addressing the root causes of human suffering, changing systems for increasing social justice and providing reliable information and analysis on various development issues.

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