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The Don Bosco Ashalayam is basically an Indian NGO that was established in 1985. It is dedicated for the upliftment of the street children in Calcutta irrespective of gender, race, or religion. Don Bosco Ashalayam provides these street children access to education or to vocational training so that they and lead a meaningful life and build their future. The meaning of word Ashalayam refers to “The Homes of Hope” in Sanskrit and it is managed by the Director Father George with support from 4 salesians and 150 persons from different walks of life. All the staff members are dedicated to make a better world for these street children.

Ashalayam adopts a unique methodology and approach for its functioning.

Ashalayam Street presence – Ashalayam workers meet the street children at different street corners and railway stations. They make friendship with them and share the adventures and struggles for survival to these children. The basic idea is to create a image of healthy role models and inspire them to take a positive attitude in life.

Weaning – Ashalayam workers assist the children to understand their rights and duties. They offer support to help them in leave the streets and look for fulfilling and socially contributing humans. The workers also helps in relocating the families of these children if possible.

Grooming – Prior to start at this stage, it is ensured that Children are positive for creating a better world for themselves. The Children are offered proper guidance and support with proper care and love. The clean habits and polite behaviour are instilled in them along with the sense of responsibility and identity.

Training – Children are provided with the option of taking either academic or vocational training. In case they are good at studies, they can take up higher studies. Vocational training is provided to create about twenty five technical and craft workshops.

Saving – At this stage, Children are encouraged for making savings and opening a savings bank account.

Homing – By this stage, street Children are turned into responsible persons. Children can build a house for themselves with the money in their savings account and contribution from Ashalayam.

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