American Humanist Association

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The American Humanist Association was founded in the year 1941, when the Humanist Press Association got reorganised and after this reorganisation AHA has started the printing the Humanist magazine as the successor to the Humanist Bulletin. This organisation is a voice for Humanism in United States. It strives for creating and maintaining the progressive society where Human beings can live life freely. It makes efforts for accomplishing the humanism by protecting the civil liberties and secular governance. It ensure to make its vice heard by the large number of people and advance the humanist worldview. The values preached and adopted by AHA are based on the principles of enlightenment, scientific knowledge, and compassion for people.

American Humanist Association The AHA is driven chiefly by humanists and other non theists who form the core of their movement. It also engages in works with people and friends who share the similar concerns. The actions taken by the AHA are largely meant for the betterment of the society. It carries out its activities with help from various Local Affiliates and Chapters which offer the strong grassroots presence to them. These local groups ensure the success of humanism in the United States. They are actively engaged in philosophical discussion, social activism, and community-building events.

The publishing and spreading of ideas has been a major task of the humanist movement. In1941, the Humanist Fellowship was restructured to form the American Humanist Association (AHA), and the earlier journal was replaced with the Humanist magazine which has been in publication since ever since. Moreover, other periodicals and a humanist publishing house have joined in the mission for sharing and debating the humanist ideas. The American Humanist Association brings the humanist viewpoint for bearing on the significant issues through its media approach. The organization holds media events, issues press releases and raises issues central to humanist concerns.

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